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Soul Mazal: In The Beginning

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Little is spoken of, and hardly remembered, concerning Shem, son of Noah. Yet is from him, in the Academy of Shem and Ever, that “Kabbalah Kadmonim” − Wisdoms of the Ancients, from Adam, Seth, and Enoch − passed down to the well-known patriarchs of the Jewish People. We ask what those wisdoms were…and we find them echoing through the ages, from Creation to the End of Days, still alive and vital for all generations of souls, for… Shem was a great tzadik, who entered Gan Eden (while still on the Ark) and ate from the Tree of Life…so that he never tasted death. And from his descendants would come the stump of Jesse − the Mashiach, who would ultimately “swallow death forever.”

The World Of The Ger

Book Extract:

The World of the Ger is the newest classic of the Noahide bookshelf. This groundbreaking new work aims to give back an identity to the seekers of the World. Do you have a strong desire to learn the Torah? Were you born to a non-Jewish mother? Have you asked yourself the question, “If I wasn’t born a Jew, but I’m drawn to Jewish stuff, what am I?

New! Laws of Ger Toshav

Book Extract:

We have all been told at one point in time that the Ger Toshav does not exist today. The truth of the matter is that this is only half-true. There are some types of Ger Toshav that in fact do exist today, i.e. those not connected to the Jubilee Year. However, when one fully looks into the subject matter of Ger Toshav, one will soon realize that the writings of the sages are unified and that Ger Toshav (non-Jubilee) is a real person as represented through halacha for today’s Torah world.

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