Soul Mazal

Soul Mazal

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Soul Mazal


Standard Name Analysis:

30 – 45 min

Have you ever wondered ‘What does my name mean’?

Soul Mazal is the experience that brings names to life.

Your Mazal begins here

  • Learn 15 Mazal aspects of Wisdom from your Name
  • Pre-requisite for all Mazal work
  • Soul Mazal works in any language and all religious backgrounds
  • Gematria, Kabbalah, and Kosher Torah Sources
  • All information of one’s name (and genealogical) is included


*Every person has no less than 7 Names, i.e. several generations + nicknames, Family Names, etc.

Cost: $100.00

Reserve a Soul Mazal Name Appointment

Hebrew Names


Discover Your Hebrew Name:

50 + min

Be encouraged to take on a Hebrew Name for spiritual success.

Embracing Hebrew begins personal spiritual investigation.

Hebrew will empower your spiritual journey.

  • Standard interview to help reveal the name
  • Standard Name Analysis over new name
  • Birth name optional

*15 minute free consultation is required before beginning a 3-part process

Cost: $150.00

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Mazal Classes:

50  min

Standard Name Analysis powerfully connects you with your Mazal.

Mazal Classes give you deeper Kabbalistic Understanding.

Know the higher elements of your Soul.

  • Standard Name Analysis is required
  • Gain command of your Mazal
  • For serious and determined students

*Advanced packages are available
**Kabbalistic Studies (text-based) with Rabbi Katz are also available
Pricing is based per package and/or after consultation

Reserve a Soul Mazal Class

3 Classes: $250
6 Classes: $400
9 Classes: $600

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