How Do I Sign Up

How do I sign up for Get Soul Strong?

  1. Click ‘Register’ from the Menubar
  2. Fill out the form entirely; make sure to ‘check’ that you are not a robot and that you agree to the conditions
  3. Check which Subscription Plan works for you
  4. You will be sent to Paypal to complete registration
  5. Registration/Membership begins as a 30-Day Free Trial Full-Access Membership; afterwards, you will be billed automatically as per your subscription
  • Subscription Packages are listed below
  • You can change Subscription Plans on your ‘Account’ page and click ‘Subscription’
  • While under Free-Trial, you have the options of upgrading to Full-Membership, Limited Membership, or Visitor’s Membership

What are the different Subscription Plans and Memberships?

Recurring Membership (Full-Access)

  • Price is $50 – Monthly (recurring)
  • Full-Access
  • Comes with 1-Month Free-Trial
  • Completed through Paypal
  • Members can opt-out or upgrade at any time during Free-Trial
  • See ‘Account’ page (directed from Login) to see Subscription Plans

Monthly Membership (Limited-Access)

  • Price is $18 – Monthly (non-recurring)
  • Limited-Access 
  • Completed through Paypal
  • Membership includes limited access to Specialist Classes only (see ‘Our Teachers‘ for Classes Offered)
  • Membership excludes Forum usage
  • Members can change Subscription Plan from ‘Account’ page (directed from Login)

Visitor Membership (Subscriber-Access)

  • Non-Paying Member
  • Basic-Access (no Features or Archives)
  • Free-Trial Membership will default to Visitor if cancelled without payment
  • Incomplete Registration will default to ‘Subscriber’ similar to Visitor Membership
  • See ‘Account’ page (directed from Login) for Subscription Plans
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