How Do I Login

GSS Offers Facebook LogIns!

Setting Up Facebook LogIn:

  1. LogIn
  2. You are then redirected to your ‘Account Page’
  3. Click on ‘Social LogIn’ on your Account Page Menubar
  4. Follow the steps there
  5. Click the Facebook Button
  6. Follow the steps through guided by Facebook
  7. You are all set

…Now when you go to LogIn – you can LogIn through Facebook on the GSS LogIn Page!

Then Follow These Easy Steps:

  1. Start LogIn from your Home Page
  2. Hover over ‘Members’
  3. Select LogIn
  4. Bypass GSS LogIn prompt
  5. Continue LogIn with Facebook [button]
  6. Now your are in!

…And Enjoy the Site!

Traditional Logging In at GSS is also simple to do – just follow these easy steps!

  1. After you have registered, you will be ready to login. Make sure to have your email, username, and password handy. All Registration is completed through Paypal. If you have lost your password, GSS has a password retrieval on the Login Page. 
  2. Go to the Home screen (https://www.getsoulstrong.com/) 
  3. Notice the menubar starting with ‘Home’, ‘Register’, ‘Members’, … ‘Soul Mazal’, ‘About GSS’
  4. Hover your mouse over ‘Members’ and click ‘Login’
  5. Enter your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ in the appropriate fields
  6. Click Log In


  • Once Logged in, you will be redirected to ‘Your Account’ Page
  • There you will have access to your Facebook LogIn, Profile, Subscription, Membership/Payment details, and more
  • Now that you have logged in – Enjoy The Site!
  • Depending on your access level, you can begin to visit our Forums, Classes, Archives, and more…
  • Everything you need on GSS can be found on your menubar at the top of your screen

*The GSS experience begins by clicking ‘Register’ on your menubar and then ‘Login’ under ‘Members’ in your  menubar*

Are You Ready to Begin Your Journey into GSS?

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