Are you getting Married or looking to Renew your Vows?

Choosing the right ‘Mesader Kedushin’ (Officiating Rabbi) is a very important choice. The Marriage literally begins there, under the Chuppah. If you are ready for Life’s biggest ‘Mazal Tov’ Baruch Hashem you have come to the right place!

GSS can help you with the following:

  • Learn what goes into the wedding ceremony
  • Find a qualified Mesader Kedushin
  • Prepare yourselves spiritually
  • Learn the Laws of Marriage, Modesty, Shalom Bayit, etc.
  • …and more!
Rabbi Katz works one – on – one with couples preparing them for their big day, and officiates by request.

“You cannot imagine the new found peace and joy after renewing our vows in Texas at this year’s Vendyl Jones Memorial Ger Conference. It was an amazing time with a renewal of our spirits. No matter how close you are to Hashem as a couple, after renewing your vows it is like a whole new world.

We are so thankful to Rabbi Katz, for all of his hard study and work in making this incredible, spiritual connection a reality for us. Rabbi Katz poured his heart and soul into learning the Torah on marriage. He appropriately modified the ceremony for a Ger wedding. His hard work paid off and our wedding was wonderful. For any couple wanting to draw closer to Hashem and each other, we highly recommend Rabbi Katz; he is the Rabbi to learn from.

After almost 42 years of marriage, and having rejected shituf over 10 years ago, we wanted to renew our vows in a Jewish style ceremony. We had no idea how to make this very important connection in our lives. We are blessed to study with Rabbi Katz, and through his teachings we have learned who we really are. We are finally Ger together, and we are not alone.  And we were so blessed by everyone that stayed to be a part of our special day. Many blessings and thanks to Rabbi Katz and to all of his team for coordinating a beautiful ceremony.”

– Dixie and John Pring

Contact Rabbi Katz if you are having a Mazal Tov!

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