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Daily Live Universal Torah Classes

Get Soul Strong offers a variety of fresh, new, and interesting classes each week. Topics are chosen according to meeting the demands of the serious student and providing a safe place to grow spiritually. Keep your eyes on our class schedule.

Video Library

Video Library

Each class is recorded live and archived on GSS for easy viewing at any time. On GSS you will never miss a class. With the demands of the Jewish year and holidays, the schedule is subject to change, but with the video library, classes are available 24/7.

Meeting Place

Get Soul Strong is not only a community for serious study and growth, it is an online meeting place as well. Through staying in touch with other students and members from around the globe, the classes never end!



GSS Membership Includes:

  • Live daily classes
  • Full video library access
  • Community meeting place
  • Personal Coaching Mentorship Connection with Rabbi David Katz of Jerusalem, Israel


GSS also offers ‘Soul Mazal’ to discover who you really are:

Soul Mazal name readings available
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