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“Rabbi David Katz and the Get Soul Strong community is the cornerstone of my education and spiritual strengthening. Rabbi Katz’s signature style of take nothing for granted in-depth material analysis is infectious and has shown me how to study and process information in the most meaningful way. Along with him the Get Soul Strong community is a diverse vibrant network of people all over the world connecting and exploring on the path to a truly meaningful life. My participation has been the most satisfying and life changing work I have ever done.”

Justin Boecker

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Get Soul Strong offers an active Member’s Forum for discussion, expressing thoughts, and meeting new like-minded people. The site also delivers a refreshing, content – driven blog:

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Get Soul Strong provides live classrooms for Members to interact with Rabbi Katz in real time. Classes are an exciting opportunity for students to grow stronger from authentic Torah Wisdom.


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We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization

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